Sep 26,2013
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Sep 26,2013
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Hello #JYJFamily!

As earlier advised, we have touched-based with the Committee in charge of the Asian Games Centennial Festival in Boracay. We are pleased to announce that indeed, JYJ will be gracing the said event.

JYJ will be one of the performers to the Music Festival which will take place on…

Aug 3,2013
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Anonymous: you should make an askfm for tlist ^^;;

Oh my anon…

Are you sure :o

Jul 23,2013
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Jul 23,2013
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Jul 23,2013
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Jul 23,2013
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Jul 23,2013
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“Speaking of music, I think Jaejoong is the most unique singer amongst us, or he has the most important role. My voice, Yoochun’s, Yunho’s and Changmin’s voices are all different. Jaejoong’s voice however is very different. His voice brings harmony to the group.”
— Junsu
(via wonderluust)
Jul 23,2013
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Jul 23,2013
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“One day all of us will be together. Time will take care of everything.”
— Kim Jaejoong (via mrjungjjein)
Jul 23,2013
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Jul 23,2013
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Jul 23,2013
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Jul 22,2013
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